Tiro Sicilian Street Food

Tiro was born out of a partnership that has a real passion for food, friendship and fun. Carmelo and Nick started brainstorming ideas whilst working together a few years ago and decided that the time was now right to put them into action. Their take on traditional, Sicilian street food with a modern twist is set to take Yorkshire by storm. Recently they have been joined by Giuseppe (an arancini maestro!), making Team Tiro an unstoppable trio!

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Tiro Sicilian Street Food founder Nick Teehan!

How did you get the idea for your business?

From a love of street food. We were inspired by food trucks that we would see at festivals/events and felt we could bring our own unique take on them.

What's the first thing you did to bring that idea to life?

Focused on getting the food right. Lots of cook offs and tasting sessions so we could perfect our menu. Once we were satisfied, we could build from there and move forward.

What's the best part of running your own business? What's the hardest?

The best part is the buzz of a busy shift, interacting with customers and other traders. The hardest part is cold, quiet days and challenges from the cost of living crisis.

What would you say to someone considering starting their own business?

Be unique. Be proactive. Say "YES" to every opportunity (however big or small it may seem).

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