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Release, let go, sink deeper, fill up

As we head into the summer holiday season, we thought to give you a little reminder to take some time for yourself. With all our daily commitments, challenges, and stress, it's important to regularly take a pause, reconnect with ourselves and bring our body and mind into balance. One way to achieve this is through alternative therapies and we're lucky to be home to a little but powerful holistic therapy studio, a true hidden gem within our venue. The studio hosts two different holistic practices, Power and Peace Therapies, and All The Aces. The latter one was created and founded by Kat Griffin, Reiki Master Teacher and Soundbath Healing Specialist who uses the space for her reiki infused soundbath sessions on Fridays. We've talked to Kat to gather up everything you need to know about her otherworldly work.

What's the story behind All The Aces?

After finding reiki in the midst of a crazy corporate, 'too busy for life' life, I pulled the plug on my big job to have more balance and time and trained in reiki, the thing that had helped me find the clarity to follow a happier life and then sound healing which has been such an emotive tool to settle emotions and launched All The Aces.

I take my clients from overwhelmed, lost and anxious to Awake, Unstuck and Amplified through sharing Sonic Soundbath Sessions infused with Reiki energy at my three treatment spaces in York. I’m here to help you untangle where you’re at right now, clear out the negative energy and the faulty beliefs you’ve absorbed on your journey so far (so... that stuff that’s been keeping you stuck) and drop all of the non-sense. Switching it up from the depths of the baffled overwhelm and gloom to the brightest sparkle of your own happiest life... all by magical energetic design.

I joined the Spark family with Unit 11 becoming my Friday treatment space in the summer 2019 for 1:1 Soundbath Sessions in person when the world is the right way round and exclusively online over Zoom through lockdown. Soundbaths are pretty much my favourite thing, my pause and stillness and my healing space and my work. I am totally in love with the magical connections found in my workshops, retreats and newly launched Cosmic Coven.

What is a sound bath and what are the benefits?

Sonic Soundbath Journey is a beautiful dip into sonic sound frequencies to take back a little time from the thinking and processing of it all to just be in that moment, still, not doing for a little while. Just a little pause, a little bit of space to deep drop disappear, let go of all the heavy sticky stuff and replenish, refill with sound frequencies and reiki energy.

Sound healing is an ancient practice with studies showing that at a cellular level sound frequencies heal, reducing inflammation and calming the nervous system so you are free to drop into a deep meditative state, tune in and top up. You leave revitalised on every level, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

What do your sound bath sessions look like?

Sessions are something to be experienced, words don’t always fit... You hear it all, the sounds, through your body not just how we understand hearing only through our ears, you connect to it all, there is no beginning or end or separation.

In each session, you’ll take a journey through sonic sound frequencies. You'll be guided through a beautiful meditation using breath to settle into the space of the moment then allow the Remo drum, crystalline singing bowls, tuning forks and Koshi chimes to clear, heal, and settle your busy body and mind into the deepest levels of bliss and fully immersed theta state. You'll be drifting away as the transformative sound energy vibrations dip you into pure consciousness, activating your cells to heal, rejuvenate, fully tune in and tune up. Breathwork, reiki, essential oils, Palo Santo and Florida water all amplify the treatment.

What do you love most about your job?

I definitely learnt the hard way from having to scrape myself up off the floor after a huge burnout, that gifting myself some space isn’t wasting time, I learnt to drop the guilt and the “I’m being lazy if I’m not busy” narrative to realised taking fine back for me is pretty much a necessity. You’ll find me out in the trees, by the ocean or up a hill, that’s my space for me, my filling up, connecting back in and grounding. This is reflected in my work, I love seeing my clients return again and again and seeing the tension dissolve in them through the session and watching them leave lighter and clearer.

What would you say to someone considering trying alternative therapies for the first time?

“You get to choose” I think this is so simple and so massive. We get stuck in feeling like we have to do all the things, be all the things, fit into what’s expected no matter what, so easily losing our dreams and forgetting ourselves along the way. But... what if we take some pause to remember why we’re here, what fills us up, do more of that, drop the fear and chose all of that instead choosing not to, how different would it all be?

Got any questions or want to book a session? Get in touch with Kat via email: or DM her on Instagram at @all_the_aces.