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Get active in the New Year!

January 2023

2023 is here - why not kick it off with a new wholesome hobby? Whether you've made some New Year's resolutions or not, it's always great to think about how to take better care of yourself. This can be through doing something good for your overall health and body, meeting new mates, or joining in a fun activity. If you're down for these all at once, Ossie Studio is coming in hot with their selection of fitness classes that will make you enjoy all the wellbeing benefits of staying more active, so you can blossom this year!

We've talked to Alice from Ossie Studio to find out more about what these wonderful guys have to offer.

What's the story behind Ossie? 

Ossie is a self care space, where you can come and have treatments, relax, work out, and socialise. We wanted to create a space where you can experience a chilled environment and a modern approach to fitness and wellbeing which you may not get in your classic gym and beauty spaces. We focus on self care in various forms :) 

Why is fitness important? 

We feel fitness is an important thing to factor in to your every day life as it has such an impact on your wellbeing and how you feel about yourself! Fitness is proven to help ease your mind and build body confidence too. The feel good endorphins afterwards make you feel so good and hyped for a while after – so topping this up regularly is so important. Not to mention building strength and endurance makes you feel great with that added sense of power and achievement. We're passionate about making our fitness space inclusive and non intimidating. We want everyone to be able to experience the benefits of working out. 

What do your training sessions look like?

We host our classes in the large event space upstairs at SPARK*. It's a huge studio allowing plenty of space for flowing and movement. We host various classes so there should be something for everyone! You can choose from Yoga for all – a classic yoga flow class which is suitable for all levels;  Dance fitness which is a mix of your classic aerobics moves and strength & conditioning; Barre – a super fun sweaty workout which combines movements from pilates, yoga and ballet; and pilates which is a mat class that builds strength from focusing on core and form exercises.

What fitness equipment and outfit do you need to bring to the classes? Any age or fitness level requirements?

Our classes are open to everyone at any level! All you need to bring is yourself and some water, all equipment that you would need is provided. If you’re new to working out keep an eye out for introduction workshops that we host throughout the year which can help you to break the ice on trying something new. 

What do you love most about your job and your team?

Our team is super friendly and we all love what we do - so try our best to pass this enthusiasm on to you and make you feel good about fitness and self care. 

How do you keep yourself and the class participants motivated and engaged?

We switch up our class movements regularly so they stay interesting and music is an important factor too and we like to play cool modern music which you’ll recognise and enjoy.  The way our booking system works, you don’t have to commit to one specific class, all our class passes are valid across all session so if you end up tiring of one thing you can try something different the week after!

Would you choose fitness classes over gym?

Our classes are different than your classic gym or studio, we operate on a pay as you go basis so no big commitment is required which takes the pressure off. We work hard at keeping the price low so you can hopefully make Ossie classes part of your weekly routine :) Our approach to fitness is in a way of self care and seeing wellbeing as a lots of little things not just quick fixes and short term solutions. We're a positive fitness provider and hope to make you feel good about yourself. 

What's your trick for overcoming fitness excuses?

There's so many different forms of exercise and not all exercises suit everybody. So if you try something and don’t get on with it, no stress, that wasn’t for you this time! Give something else a try and keep testing things out. Exercise should be fun and enjoyable, not a hard slog so don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go to plan straight away. It may take a bit of time to find your thing, but you’ll get there and were here to help .

To try an Ossie class head to, classes are £7 each and must be booked in advanced online before you turn up.