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Please read through the following information about our MAKE space. When you’re ready to book, just use the link below to contact us in order to check desk availability. When you come to SPARK, show your booking confirmation to a member of staff at the entrance (and yes, you can skip those queues!)


Monthly Pass – £100


The monthly pass comes with 10% off all food traders.

Get in touch to book a MAKE desk here
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5 Individual Desks

5 Individual Lockers

Small Kitchenette

Photography Screen

Open House Exhibition

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opening hours

Monday — 9:00-17:30

Tuesday — 9:00-22:00

Wednesday — 9:00-22:00

Thursday — 9:00-22:00

Friday — 9:00-22:00

Saturday — 12:00-22:00

Sunday — 12:00-21:00

Empty studio with wooden construction.
Black wooden stool at wooden desk,
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individual desks

Our MAKE desks can be booked on a one month rolling basis. You can also share a desk with another maker, once you’ve booked your pass, email and let us know the name of the person you are sharing with so that we can ensure they have access to the space as well! The individual desks are framed by three walls giving you plenty of wall space to pin up work as you wish. You also have the option of putting up a shelf on one of the walls to give you more desk space. There are Resident Maker frames outside which shows passers by who’s currently working in our studio, so make sure your name is up there with your contact details!

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individual locker

Each desk comes with an individual locker measuring 40x40cm. You can leave any items in this at your own discretion for the duration of your pass and these are secured with a key.

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small kitchenette

Equipped with some cupboard space, a kettle and a sink, this area can be used as you wish. 

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photography screen

Located above the door to the Events Space is a white screen. You can pull this down at any time to use as a backdrop to photograph your work. 

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open house exhibition

We want to celebrate and showcase the talented creatives that use our space! SPARK will be holding regular Open House Exhibitions where resident creatives will be invited to exhibit their work in the Events Space next door. Monthly Pass holders will get priority choice of space to exhibit.

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any questions

please email