Sarras means yummy in Gujarati and that is exactly what our food is! Our mission is to bring you authentic Indian/Gujarati street food directly from the beaches of India to the glamour of York… We will be serving up the most colourful authentic Indian food in York. As Gujarat is a 86% veggie state, all the veggie lovers can rest assured there will be lots of tasty options for them. As for the meaty treats, our chicken sabji/makhani and the lamb keema samosas are sure to tingle your taste buds. Jalpa has been cooking from a very early age and due to her passion for food and cooking as well as living in an extended family where the demand for variations and good food is a must, she has perfected her culinary skills and is very excited to share her passion with our little community.

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Sarras founder Jalpa!

How did you get the idea for your business?

In India, there are food courts similar to Spark called chopati’s, typically housed on beaches. They host lots of food vendors together, with tables all round. So, we wanted to share some of the joys of the chopati here in York.

What's the first thing you did to bring that idea to life?

Thought of the menu, cooked some samples for Bhav and asked him to put my concept forward to Spark. We then spoke to the Spark team and here we are.

What's the best part of running your own business? What's the hardest?

The food part is easy and something which is my second nature. The running of the business is new to me, especially social media marketing etc as I have not had much experience in that, so I have delegated those aspects of the business to Bhavik :)

What would you say to someone considering starting their own business?

Start a business in something your are passionate about and not focusing on making money. This will make it easier to start, run and maintain your business.

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