Piccadilly Tap

Piccadilly Tap bar is situated front and centre of SPARK, boasting an unadulterated vista of the whole venue, and beyond you’ll catch the blissful views of Piccadilly from every angle; we are the drinks destination where we encourage our guests to discover and experience a distinctively unique and extensive range of low intervention wines, experimental craft beers, ciders, and an impressive low and no alcohol range. We carefully select our suppliers and products, focusing on collaborating and buying from producers who have an intimate connection with the land they farm from, a care that is upheld all the way through the making process, right up until it lands on our shelf and into your glass. Our low intervention wines are sourced from all corners of the globe, from Welsh Pet Nats to Serbian Orange wines. Our craft beers hail from local breweries in Yorkshire and all nooks and crannies of the UK, to brewers in Germany, New Zealand and beyond. Proudly a Living Wage Employer.


With endless options on offer at Spark, you'll never be short of choice for food & drink. See Piccadilly Tap's menu here:

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