Baby Boy's Burgers

Baby Boy's Burgers is the newest project by Baby Boy's Kitchen. We are a business that takes classic dishes/flavours and adds our own twist. We pride ourself on using fresh and local produce from Yorkshire and the local areas. We make all our sauces and pickles in house with our own recipes.

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Baby Boy's Kitchen founder Jack Jenner!

How did you get the idea for your business?

The idea to create Baby Boy's Burgers came about when I helped a friend of mine, with his burger place 'Holy Mountain Kitchen' when he was in Spark. This led onto a thought of 'what if I had a place like this' then the idea was born.

What's the first thing you did to bring that idea to life?

The first thing I did was speak to the people who could help bring the idea to life, one being Rob who will be cooking with me. The other being Dan who agreed to mentor me with the business side of things.

What's the best part of running your own business? What's the hardest?

For me the best thing about running my own business is the creativity and freedom you get, for example, having your own menus and designs. The hardest thing for me is having to do everything at once, there's so many things to juggle.

What would you say to someone considering starting their own business?

My advice to anyone starting their own business would be to speak to the people closest to you, for me this is where I have got the best advice and support. Don't worry about your age, for me this was a worry, 'what if I'm too young'. If you have a vision and are willing to work for it then age doesn't matter.

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