All The Aces

I take my clients from overwhelmed, lost and anxious to Awake, Unstuck and Amplified through sharing Sonic Soundbath Sessions infused with Reiki energy. I’m here to help you untangle where you’re at right now, clear out the negative energy and the faulty beliefs you’ve absorbed on your journey so far (so... that stuff that’s been keeping you stuck) and drop all of the non-sense. Switching it up from the depths of the baffled overwhelm and gloom to the brightest sparkle of your own happiest life... all by magical energetic design. In each session, you'll be guided through a beautiful meditation using breath to settle into the space of the moment then allow the Remo drum, crystalline singing bowls, tuning forks and Koshi chimes to clear, heal, and settle your busy body and mind into the deepest levels of bliss and fully relaxing theta state. Join me on Fridays 10am, 12pm, 2pm in Unit 11. 90 minutes / 1:1 session / £90; 4 block 90 minutes / £333. IG DM / email to enquire and to book.

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All The Aces founder Kat Griffin!

How did you get the idea for your business?

After becoming completely burned out and lost in the midst of a crazy corporate, too-busy-for-life life, I found reiki and it changed everything. I pulled the plug on my big job to have more balance and time and trained in Usui Reiki, the thing that had helped me find the clarity to come back to myself, and then sound healing which has been the most incredible emotive tool to settle emotions, and then launched All The Aces where I now teach reiki as a Reiki Master Teacher, share 1:1 Reiki Infused Soundbath Sessions, cacao ceremonies, fire release rituals, and create workshops, retreats, immersion days to help people become awake, unstuck and amplified.

What's the first thing you did to bring that idea to life?

I literately followed my intuition ignored everyone who thought I was crazy quitting my big safe job, jumped in head first, created a social media space to share my journey and found a treatment room one day a week.

What's the best part of running your own business? What's the hardest?

The best thing is the freedom and getting to choose how and when I work. And also that thing, what I do is my work and not a job, the difference in how that feels is huge.

I’ve just spent the best summer with my daughter. Showing her you can achieve anything you want and balance work and play is the best. No one taught me that bit. I was modelled the behaviour around climbing the success ladder, more work equals more money equals more success which actually isn’t true and only ends in burnout.

The hardest thing I feel is the bit at the beginning, doing everything yourself, including the parts that don’t light you up like admin. As soon as you can, outsource the things you really hate so you’ll then have more time and energy for the bits you love. And don’t be scared to ask questions to those a little further ahead, people love helping people. You’re not going to know all of the details right away.

What would you say to someone considering starting their own business?

Do it. Immediately.

Follow the feeling and keep going - that way it’ll always work out and the challenges help you grow, course correct, improve and learn.  

Tomorrow’s not promised to any of us so why not at least spend the time you have doing the thing that fills you full of that awesome excited energy.

I lost my mum when I was 24, she didn’t have the time to do all of things she dreamed of so I guess that’s been a catalyst for dropping the fear and jumping fully in. 16 years on I know she’d be smiling at the way I live my life now.  

So yeah, why not just do it, make a plan and begin, however small, because really, what’s the alternative?

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