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grow it york

Our glowing pink container, situated between Piccadilly Tap and Clucking Oinks is popping with lab coats and science. We give you, Grow It York - an aeroponic vertical farm! This a new part of our community and brings cutting edge urban farming to the centre of York for the first time. (We think so anyway, shout up if you have some experience with this stuff and you’re close by!)

This is a collaborative project with the Fix Our Food team and specifically the great minds at the University of York and the amazing guys at LettUs Grow. The farm grows micro herbs and greens, some of which are already being used by our food traders, local restaurants in the area and our General Store for members of our local community. The early signs of this venture are amazing, and this represents a really interesting new part of the project for us.

Pink shipping containers with graphics applied.