Lucy Topham

Abstract painter and insect portrait artist.

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Lucy Topham - Abstract painter and insect portrait artist


Abstracts and Insect Illustrations


I find inspiration from emotions and how they’re expressed and influenced - especially with music and comedy. I adore how honest and vulnerable those art forms can be and I try to capture the same in my work. I also enjoy the work of artists like Darren John and Jack Coulter who are bold in their experimentation and instinct which I admire.

MAKE space:

The make space has been great as an artist at the beginning of their career as I’ve been surrounded by creativity and like-minded people which has been inspiring and helped me learn a lot. It’s also been so helpful having all my things in one place with its sole purpose as a space being for me to create in. It’s a lot easier to switch to an artistic mindset and I’ve found I’ve enjoyed making art more since having the space.

What is art for?:

I think art can be as simple as wanting to see more of a colour, or as intricate as hyper realism. Art is just commentary on whatever matters to you - enough that you want to put it physically in another form.

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