York Nurturing Community (YNC)


York Nurturing Community have brought their hugely popular community model to Spark:York, creating a permanent Community Hub that promotes community cohesion and support, through a 40ft Pay-As-You-Feel cafe and by using Spark:York's event and exhibition space to provide up to 20 hours a week of social activities and events. 


The Pay-As-You-Feel model ensures that all residents and visitors can enjoy a healthy meal at the café. They also use a Pay-It-Forward model for beverages that provide patrons with an opportunity to purchase beverages that can be claimed at a later date by those who may not be able to afford them.

The groups and events are tailored to all demographics and are structured to be informative/educational while still being entertaining. 

Any produce not used in the café will be donated to hostels, charities and organisations that may use them to feed community members experiencing homelessness or financial hardship. All profits made from the café, after expenses, will be channelled back into the organisation to allow a furthering of YNC's charitable arm and its reach to those in need, in and around York.

YNC previously ran a pop-up café venue at the Derwenthorpe Super Sustainable Centre, serving healthy, allergy-friendly food to its patrons, where they supported 82 families on a regular basis. They ran very well attended events twice a week.

In the café space, they hosted groups and events  designed to offer something for every demographic. This is offered on a Pay As You Feel basis and no-one is excluded from attending due to socio-economic barriers. They provide intercepted surplus food, free of charge, on a weekly basis.