Ossie Studio

Ossie is a space for self care, wellness and fitness. We believe that self care is for everybody and should be enjoyed guilt free without judgement. Ossie offers a joyful, friendly chilled space to come enjoy all kinds of treatments and fitness classes (Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays) in a relaxed non intimidating environment.

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Ossie Studio founder Alice Lindsay!

How did you get the idea for your business?

The hair and beauty industry has always had an aesthetic and structure that I never felt truly attached to. I wanted to create a place that didn’t feel clinical or exclusive and the atmosphere and culture was really important to me. I have a strong interest in art and fashion and wanted to embed this in the concept. We started with hair and beauty appointments and have naturally evolved into offering wider treatments and fitness classes as we expand on what is self-care. From meeting so many people, we’ve grown a community in York and are aware that there are so many like-minded people here, so we began putting on social events too to get these people together. It’s all been a natural development that is so far working out really well :)

What's the first thing you did to bring that idea to life?

I am a very creative person so naturally I was drawn to the vision and design of the business and brand. I made so many Pinterest boards and brought together inspiration from magazines and past experiences to create the vibe for the brand. Once I had this, I could then share my ideas with the girls I wanted to work here, and then once I had a backing from them, I could propose my idea to Spark.

What's the best part of running your own business? What's the hardest?

It’s hard to switch off as there is always something to do, or an idea that comes to your head, usually at the most random time! There’s a pressure to be perfect all the time too which I’m trying to relax on a bit, even as a business we’re still human behind it.

What would you say to someone considering starting their own business?

Surround yourself with like-minded people and individuals that have their own businesses who you can bounce ideas off and encourage and support one another. You could start by visiting a coworking space or attending networking events.

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