Community Spark

Spark:York (Spark York C.I.C) is a community interest company, limited by guarantee.  (company number: 10071777). 

We have no shareholders, just members and therefore all profit will be reinvested back into the project. Because the members do not own shares in the company they cannot personally profit from any increased value in the company. 

We are a social enterprise.

We are providing a market solution to social problems, and we will be a commercial venture that is guided by our social and community mission and values. 

Our Mission: To be the Spark behind local people changing lives. 

In 2018, York is the new York.   



Spark:York is a response to a very specific problem that local people face. We are about achieving accessible and affordable space for start-ups, independent businesses and social enterprises.



Creating an affordable space in York, irrespective of financial means, to enjoy a vibrant social hub of which arts, events, culture and the best showcase of local businesses are attainable for all. 

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York is full of talented and visionary people. We are tired of our friends and colleagues leaving a city they love because they don’t feel the city speaks to their dreams and ambitions. We are hoping to change that.