Kenny's Story: New Heart of Wax employee enjoys first ever pay day.


Heart of Wax Vintage and Vinyl have been working with United Response, an organisation who work with employers to find placements and provide ongoing support for people who need additional support in the workplace.

They employed Kenny just over a month ago. Heart of Wax Co-owner Anna says,

“Kenny will willing tell anyone that he has special needs, anxiety, and has overcome a drinking problem. He is bright as a button, can read and write fine, and understands the mechanics of running a business, and soon we hope to have him serving customers and making sales.

In July, he received his first ever pay check, at the tender age of 40, from Heart Of Wax. Those wages hitting the bank account was not about monetary value, but validation and self worth. Result. We couldn’t be prouder.”

Emily Collins from United Response supports his role at Heart of Wax. She says, “I have had the pleasure to supporting Kenny into a role at ‘Heart of Wax’ at Spark York. Kenny was looking for a role where he could use his skills of manual handling and organising stock. Kenny was hoping for a role where his employers would be understanding of his mental health challenges and help him to build his confidence. We learnt that warehousing role opportunities being advertised were not accessible to Kenny, due to a lack of flexibility in terms of shift patterns and the stress of working to targets. It was fantastic to meet with Anna and Phil at Heart of Wax and create a role with Kenny where he could help with their stock. Kenny is also learning new skills such as service customers and cleaning which is opening his eyes to more types of jobs he can do.”


Kenny is a super-reliable employee, and a joyful presence around Spark.

Kennys says, “It’s been good for my motivation. I was bored otherwise and it gives me something to help get my head in gear. Also I get paid which means a good sense of achievement for me. I’m really happy with it. I’ve got a lot of respect for the managers, I’m actually helping them and I’m enjoying it. I’ve started to serve customers put on records on so I’m moving up in that sense. My aim is to keep in with this job and build up to more hours when I’m not feeling too ‘eeky and ooky’. It’s good to have a job coach to get me a job and be there to calm me down because sometimes I work too fast and miss bits. Emily can prompt me and that’s her job!”

Sam Leach