Miss Hazard Returns

The striking mural in the Spark garden is a favourite spot for selfies. This piece of street art was the very first piece of Spark to be created by renowned street artist Miss Hazard in June 2017, long before the first shipping container arrived.


Miss Hazard aka Harriet Wood is originally from York, and while she was back in her hometown recently she popped in to visit Spark, to have a chat with Head of Marketing , Jo Little.

Harriet was delighted to see her work in situ for the first time, in the heart of a bustling Summer evening full of happy visitors. She explained that the mural was one of the wettest she had ever worked on, with rain making painting conditions difficult. Consequently, some of the mural needs touching up in certain areas, as the wet brickwork means some of the paint has flaked a little. Don't be surprised if you drop in for lunch and see Harriet with a spray can in hand... it's clear that she's a perfectionist and wants her work to look it's best.

The work features one of Harriet's trademark strong female characters, but also many references to York which were gathered during an open workshop where people were asked for iconic York memories and sights from a locals perspective to incorporate into the mural. References include the solar system (cycle path), the willows along the Foss, the peacocks that Harriet remembers wandering  around the city when she was a child, music from buskers, and the iconic walls.

Harriet works all over the world on commission pieces, and when I asked her if she had come across anything like Spark on her travels, she said that it reminded her of the backstage area at Glastonbury. From someone as well-travelled, cool and talented as Miss Hazard, we'll take that.



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Sam Leach