The time is now for vintage style.

Heart of Wax Vintage and Vinyl used Spark:York and other locations around York as a backdrop for a photo shoot last week. The shoot is to help promote their new shop based at Spark which is opening this week.

Anna Lewis and Phil Waines met on the Shambles Market in York and decided to join forces when they realised their businesses were perfectly aligned, targeting the same music and fashion-loving crowd. 

Phil is an actor by trade, but has always nurtured a desire to open his own record shop, having spent his youth and most of his pocket money in York's record shops.  Anna cut her teeth doing fairs and trade events, sourcing vintage gems at car boots, charity shops and private collections.

We’re marrying the vinyl records with the vintage clothing and getting stuff in that is quite grungy, that you could wear to a gig or a music festival.

With both Vintage and Vinyl enjoying a renaissance  in recent years, Heart of Wax wanted to make the move from market stall to fixed premises, and Spark offered them a realistic alternative to the pricy high street. 

Spark is the perfect opportunity at the perfect time in our careers. Eventually we want to have a bricks and mortar shop but for us this is a stepping stone to getting there.
Retail in York is really struggling. A lot of our fellow independents have closed, or are downsizing, or are completely rethinking their retail strategy. The thing that works for us is the location, it’s the people, the ethos, all the amazing community work that’s coming out from the site. It feels like its going to be buzzing no matter what time of year.
— Anna Lewis

On Sunday 6th May Heart of Wax are hosting a drop-in valuation service as part of the Spark:York opening weekend activities.

Photos: Elliott Hardey | Makeup Artist: Dana Cole

Sam Leach