Toner & Co. A stylist who thinks outside the box.

One of the containers at Spark:York stands out. Not only does it stand detached from the other units, but it also houses a unique business - Toner & Co hair salon.

Jody Toner has worked for some of the biggest names in hairdressing, including Bang and West Row in York. He's done a stint teaching in Zurich and tended to models during London Fashion Week. 

Jody has now decided to venture out on his own after working for years in corporate salons. His new salon's ethos is simple. It aims to bring something fresh, new and modern to the industry whilst carrying out incredible hair design.

This salon is certainly like no other in York and while it may be small in size, it's sure to be big on style.

Spark has brought so many like minded people together, I have never seen so much creativity in all my life. Everyone who knows me knows I would never just open ANOTHER salon in the city centre. I had to do something different! Spark is the answer, the pipeline dream is on and I suggest you all come down to Piccadilly and see what these minds have created...
— Jody Toner
Sam Leach