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Welcome to the Jungle!

We like to switch things up with our winter theme every year, and this time it’s all about the WINTER JUNGLE.

We wanted to create a theme that not only transforms our venue, but also raises awareness of a crucially important cause. Climate change continues to impact the future of our incredible planet, and so over the next few months when you visit, you can immerse yourself in our urban jungle and support organisations who are fighting endlessly to protect our home. There’s going to be lots of one-off events and special features as part of this so be sure to stay tuned for those.

As the winter winds continue to chill, it might feel a bit warmer than you expected in the North of England. We have heaters on every table and the return of our canvas roof means the venue is now fully waterproofed and toasty! We, as always, have an amazing array of traders and events which will keep the space thriving and vibrant. Don't forget to say hello to our latest jungle residents, our life-sized tropical animals hidden amongst the greenery - see if you can spot them all!

Come on down to see us soon!

Winter Jungle at SPARK* runs until March 2022.