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Living Wage Week 2021

As an accredited Living Wage employer with the Living Wage Foundation, we always eagerly watch over Living Wage Week 2021, which takes place every November. A big part of the week is in updating the annual Living Wage rate, both inside and outside London. This wage is calculated on the real living costs that people face, and therefore should allow work to pay and ensure working does allow staff to at absolute minimum, manage the standard cost of living.

The new hourly rate released on Monday outside London is £9.90, an increase of 40p an hour on the previous year. The rate ensures that a worker can work up to 100 hours left a hour, just with such a minimal increase. Put into context, it can cover an extra month of food and heating, which can be vital for somebody working on a lower income.

We have always been passionate about being a Living Wage employer at SPARK*. It feels wrong and totally alien to our mission that we should not allow, at minimum, those who work for us to be paid fairly. We will action this change imminently and continue to promote and champion the Living Wage! It is the least our brilliant staff deserve.