Art and Culture


Our ethos: art and culture should be available to all, equal to all and inclusive to all.  

Spark:York has already made connections with Dementia Action, the York Inspirational Kids, the Urban Revolution youth programme, the York women's Kyra project, Blueberry Arts Academy and York Young Carers. The scope of these connections is to offer encouragement and emotional support through creative expressions and to engage groups within the wider community and Spark:York. 

Through any Spark:York surplus or external sponsorship and support, Spark:York wants to install art work across the site that promotes talent without exploitation, helping artists believe in their talents and to give tangible opportunities to promote their work in a public setting.  

York is already home to a number of brilliant, emerging art groups. These include the York Printmakers, the York Makers, The Arts Barge Project, the Arts for Protest Gallery, the York Open Studios, as well as smaller groups like Hippystitch Yarn Bombers and the Micklegate Yarn Storm to name a few.

We want to bring all these groups together, and enable them to connect, learn, inspire and create together. 

Across the  lifespan of the project, we seek to offer workshops to help teach and learn new skills. Artists involved express their own creativity.  

113 artists contacted us to be involved in artistic delivery over the lifespan of Spark:York. We continue to formulate the best way for that to be delivered.